frozen pipes

frozen pipes

Are your pipes frozen and ready to burst? How can you know if your pipes are frozen? Why do frozen water pipes break? Have you ever wondered about this?

Freezing water turns to ice within the pipe. That ice expands and can block the line, causing the internal pressure to mount and often causing the pipe to burst from the internal pressure.  Burst water pipes can cause property damage resulting in high repair costs and the disruption of business.

Water damage from breaking pipes may lead to severe damage. It is necessary to take all the necessary precautions to prevent breakage. That is where our skilled pipes technicians come in!

When considering frozen pipes, it is essential to understand there are special “trouble spots” around most houses. Pipes most affected by extremely cold temperatures and thus prone to freeze like those in unheated crawl spaces, outside walls and particularly below sinks found along an outside wall.

We offer the latest in specialty equipment to solve frozen pipe problems and we will determine the cause of the frozen pipes, as well as suggest winterization options.

Water damage from bursting pipes may cost thousands of dollars to repair. Instead of taking this enormous risk to your property value, it is important to take all necessary precautions to avoid frozen pipes.

Why attempt freeze prevention yourself? Take the help of experienced plumbers like us.For all your frozen pipe repair needs, call us – the pipe repair experts – today!

For more information on frozen pipe repair or any of our other products and services, please contact us at (513) 874-8899. We are available for emergency calls – call (513) 200-7159.

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